Sisal skrubborste japansk
Sisal skrubborste japansk

Sisal scrub brush, Japanese

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A favourite among our customers! This fine, well-made, Japanese sisal scrub-brush is just as good looking as it is excellent. The short handle makes it easy to reach all places. It can be used in the shower/bath as well as for dry-brushing.

Sisal scrub-brush with wired handle (also this made in sisal), with a wooden end and a cotton rope to hang the brush up with.


Height; brush part; ca 5 cm

Length; ca 25 cm

Width; ca 9 cm


Perfect for dry brushing cellulite and roughness. It increases blood circulation in the skin and therefore speeds up the renewal of skin cells. Brush in circular motions from all parts of the body - towards the heart. Finish up with a nice shower or an aromatic bath. Makes magic for body and soul!