Our resellers

We have recently started collaborations with retailers around Sweden! Below you can see where you can buy selected products from our range. Feel free to contact our resellers regarding our available products at theirs!

"Selling Idyllien's products and having Idyllien as a partner is a joy in every way. Clear information about prices/products and personal fast service if you have any questions. Quality of the products is great and I didn't have a single complaint from any customer during the whole summer. Many of my customers get 'addicted' to the soaps, lotions etc and come back for more"

- Susanne, former owner of Kvarnbacken interior design, store on Gotland.

Example of resellers: 

Anjo WIne & Dine

Destination Gotland
Kvarnbacken Interior design
Holms Hage
Butiken på Landet