Idyllienhoppet, our charity company

Our youngest daughter Leia passed away in cancer after several years of fighting the disease and through our experiences we have learned that it is a whole family affected, not just the member turning ill. We also know what it is like to live in a hospital environment for extended periods of time while life continues as usual on the outside and what kind of stress this means for an entire family. We started our store concept Idyllien on the island Gotland in the Baltic Sea, as a family project during a time when we were still living in the shadow of our daughter's illness. It was so important to keep doing exciting new things together with our children and Idyllien made a big difference to our family as a creative platform we could gather around. After Leias passing we decided to continue to use Idyllien for the same purpose, but focus on the families still fighting for their young ones in the hospitals. Idyllien became a fund raising tool for projects with the aim of making the hospital stay a little better for families with seriously ill children. It also means that we, the founders of the company, never take any profit from the company. The main goal of Idyllien's business is to create profits that we transfer to Idyllienhoppet's projects in the hospitals.