Feather-duster, Ostrich feathers, small

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Our Swedish made feather-dusters with real Ostrich feathers are not just nice to look at, they are also very efficient! What separates the ostrich feather-dusters from usual feather-dusters is that the feathers are naturally static and attract the dust which get sucked into the feather-duster. They are also fine interior details and fun hostess gifts as an option to flowers!

Material: Ostrich feathers and ostrich skin (from Swedish, happy Ostriches) with a wooden handle with a length around 15 cm. The feather-duster is approximately 27 cm long.

Usage: Sweep over dusted areas - do not wave!

Care: The feather-duster is easy to wash - wash in Luke warm water with a little dish soap and hang it up to let it dry properly. You can shake it gently when it is dry to enhance the fluff again. To wash the feather-duster is inly necessary if it feels dirty. Normally you don't need to wash them, it is enough to shake out the dust after use.