Bite toy natural rubber, shells & mussels
Bite toy natural rubber, shells & mussels

Bite toy natural rubber, shells & mussels

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NEWS! Carefully selected, non-toxic toys!

Nice and exciting bite toy in natural rubber shaped like cute little elephants for the baby to grab or bite. The varying shapes make them extra lovely to "taste" when you itch when you crack your teeth.

Regarding what your baby puts in the mouth:
Natural rubber is climate-smart, soft and durable, even for sharp small teeth and is a good alternative to the plastic toys on the market. The material is free from phthalates, bisphenols, pesticides, flame retardants, fragrances and flavors, preservatives and solvents. It is also properly purified from nitrosamines and allergenic substances, which means that the risk of latex allergy is minimized.
Of course, the toy is CE-marked and meets all Swedish laws and requirements according to the Toy Directive.

Natural rubber should not be stored in direct sunlight or come into contact with tobacco smoke, then nitrosamines can develop. Natural rubber is a natural material and if your toy becomes hard or sticky, it's time to say goodbye to it. On the bath toys that have a hole, it is good to spray the water out of it when you have finished bathing, this reduces the formation of bacteria.

Material: Natural rubber, hand painted with non-toxic paint.
Size: 9 cm
Rec. age: From newborn

Of course, the toy is CE-marked and complies with the Toy Directive.

Materials: Ears in organic cotton, ring of maple wood oiled with beeswax.
Size: 18 cm
Rec. age: From newborn
Care: Machine wash 40 degrees